Learning and Development Coordinator

About the Role

As a Learning + Development Coordinator, you’ll be charged with ensuring that Diakonia has sound policies and procedures for the work that we do, and that they are fully implemented in each department in an effort to build a sustainable and adaptable workforce.

In This Role, You Will…

  • Create processes and templates for developing and documenting processes throughout our organization
  • Oversee the planning, delivery, and evaluation of mandatory training to the various roles within our organization, including remote workers
  • Coordinate and maintain training records and matrices to understand the training needs of each individual and develop a plan for keeping all training current
  • Understand current trends in delivery of training and how each could be applied to our business (self-directed, online, train-the trainer, buddying and mentoring, and corporate models)
  • Build relationships with local area trainers and institutions to assist with specialized training needs that we may have as an organization
  • Develop model for co-ops and internships
  • Work alongside department managers to develop curriculum specific to our organization’s needs
  • Work closely with Continuous Improvement departments for each operating company to ensure that the issues being raised and addressed are being turned into functional learning for the entire team
  • Assist managers with design and delivery of training packages, presentation formats, facilitator guides and participant guides as needed
  • Identify opportunities within the organization to improve process and implement solutions through training


We’re Excited about You Because…

  • You have a high level of emotional intelligence and are able to help other understand the benefit of training and investing a little more time to save a whole lot of time later
  • You have experience identifying training needs and developing curriculum / training material to mitigate these needs
  • You have experience creating Policy and Procedure Manuals for specific roles
  • You have the ability to create beautiful, functional training materials that people understand and grasp quickly
  • You are more than an order taker. You dig in to understand the function, the goal, and how to put it all together so that everyone wins
  • You are able to work in a variety of settings including manufacturing plants, warehouses, general office space, and other environments as necessary
  • You possess exceptional organizational skills and have a high level of drive and assertiveness to push until you’re proud of the final product
  • You work with a high sense of urgency to get work done quickly and efficiently
  • You care about our team, and people in general, and are committed to doing work that matters


Apply for Learning & Development Coordinator using the link below:

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