Design and Innovation

About DCS ControlsAt DCS controls, innovation starts with our culture. Our team wants to contribute more because they feel valued. Our leaders spend time each day learning something new about their team, and lead from positions based on mutual respect. Engineering should not be all about making sure we are using the correct cover sheets for our TPS reports. Engineering should be based on the people that make up the team.

We spend time brainstorming to answer questions that are important to us and our customers. “What processes take the most time?” “What processes could we be doing better?” “What do our customers want that we are not providing?” Our engineering team has clear leadership with the authority to make decisions; using collaboration as a tool to ensure the best end results.

We make detailed plans with the understanding that no plan is perfect and that we will coarse correct as often as we need. We focus on ensuring the product is high quality and meets the customer’s needs. And we have fun innovating. One of the most exciting things about being an engineer is
changing the world around us.

We can’t wait to make the next thing better.