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Order Fulfillment Solutions Design Criteria

Selecting a picking solution for a Retailer, E-commerce, Food Service, or any other company is a critical part of distribution center design and ultimately the success of the distribution center. There are a number of approaches to consider of varying initial investment costs and obtaining the desired long-term operating costs, efficiency, accuracy, and customer responsiveness…
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Sortation Technologies

Rates: Everyone wants to talk about how fast their sorter is in Cases/Minute (CPM). However there are a few assumptions built into any such number unless people know the specifics of your application. Case length, or for most applications average case length handled, since case lengths will vary, and directly impact how many cases can sorted…
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Sortation Technologies – Selection

Like all aspects of material handling system design, solid and complete data will allow for the selection of the right technology for your needs. Types of packages, sizes, weights and rates are of course critical. How do you operate today, and how would you like to operate now and in the future? Changes in package…
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